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Home Rentals | C J Moss Real Estate, Inc. - Concord, NC

Situated in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina's largest metropolitan area, Concord is experiencing an astonishing 41.25% population growth rate as job opportunities open up and more families are moving into the area. This means that competition for housing is high. Never fear. At C.J. Realty, we know that the most important thing is finding you and your family the right place to live, and we are willing to work until we have.

If you have children, an apartment can get crowded. If you're currently renting an apartment or condo and want to switch to a house, we can help you find a new place to live quickly and easily with our home rentals.

With hundreds of homes ranging from single-bedrooms to gorgeous lakefront properties, CJ Moss Real Estate, Inc. has something for everyone.

Some realty companies may try to take advantage of people new to the area. If you've recently moved to Concord or the Charlotte area, you probably don't know the advantages of one neighborhood over another or the wide array of home rental options this region has to offer. As a longtime member of the community, we're anxious to ensure that new members feel welcome from the moment they move in. Nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth like making a home in a new place and feeling like you've been ripped off. Our aim is to facilitate your transition into our community and make you feel comfortable and satisfied throughout the process!

If you own a home and are looking to rent it out, we can help you there as well. Finding a renter can be difficult, and many turn to the Internet for help—but end up surprised or disappointed with the results. CJ Moss Real Estate, Inc. has matched hundreds of families with landlords and landladies. We screen potential renters to make sure you'll only deal with honest, respectful people. When we match a family with a rental home, you can be sure that they're as eager to live there as the homeowner is to have them!

Call us today and find home rentals that are right for you.