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Office Space Rentals - We Can Help You Expand

Office Space Rentals | C J Moss Real Estate, Inc. - Concord, NC

Concord and the Charlotte area are experiencing a business renaissance as more and more enterprises expand or open to take advantage of everything North Carolina has to offer. Whether it's American Investment Group’s (AIG) pledge to invest $5.5 million in the city and create 230 jobs by 2017 or whether it's a small business owner looking to capitalize on the area's exploding commercial potential, our selection of office spaces can solve business needs large and small.

If you're a small business owner feeling cramped by working from home or looking to expand, we have an office space for you. Overhead is of particular concern for small business owners, and we know that you need a space that will give your business the freedom it needs to maximize its potential without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for an office space close to home or near your business' current location, our offerings throughout Concord, Charlotte, and Cabarrus and Mecklenburg Counties will meet your needs.

Concord is only a short drive away from Charlotte. If you're in a Charlotte business looking for additional workspace, explore our office space rental options in the city's surrounding area. Not only can rent be cheaper than city prices, but the office spaces may also be less of a commute for your employees!

Whether we're working with a large firm or an independent business, we take care to extend all of our office space clients the same personal care we give to our home, apartment, and condo renters. You'll be assigned a personal agent who will listen to your needs and work to provide you with the best office space rentals available so that you can make an informed decision.

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